Our Mission

Founded in 2016, KTA Funding Hope Foundation is dedicated to providing financial assistance for both individuals and animals who are disadvantaged through no fault of their own. We passionately strive to inspire hope to help better their lives and spirits.

KTA Funding Hope is the charitable branch of Kistler-Tiffany Advisors. The foundation is located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Since our mission is to provide help, we don’t specifically limit where we might offer support. The foundation is more focused on how we can provide assistance versus where that assistance is needed.

Organizations We Have Supported

Grant Applications

We do thing differently as a non-profit organization. KTA Funding Hope operates as a non-profit organization providing donations directly to those in need.

Contact Us

We appreciate your interest in the charity work KTA Funding Hope is doing to improve the lives and providing hope to individuals, families, and animals in our local community. If you have any comments or questions you’d like to share with us, please don’t hesitate to let us know.