Our Process

Your financial objectives for your family and your business drive our entire planning process. We begin by developing a clear set of objectives. Many people have a broad sense of what they hope to accomplish but often lack specific objectives. By sharing our knowledge and experience we can help you crystallize and prioritize the things that matter most to you.

Next, to the extent specifically requested, we perform a comprehensive audit of your current assets and legal documents, and review your progress toward your goals. While most people have done some planning, all aspects may not be coordinated with each other and there may be items that fall through the cracks.

Once we understand where you are now and your goals for the future, Kistler-Tiffany Advisors will present appropriate options so you can make the correct decisions. In coordination with your attorney and accountant, we implement your plan; updated or new legal documents are drafted and signed; required tax filings are completed; and appropriate financial products and investment strategies are put in place.

Planning is a process, not an event. The three most important elements of our process are to help you crystallize your objectives, implement your plan, and update it periodically.


Our Initial Planning Process is divided into three phases:

The services we provide in the Planning Process may include the following to the extent specifically requested:


Our Client Review Process ensures your estate plan is kept up-to-date and in compliance with tax and regulatory requirements. The services we provide in connection with our Annual Preview may include the following to the extent specifically requested:


In the event circumstances and events in your life or business warrant a significant change to your plan, we would visit with you to determine if a material change is required. If significant changes are necessary, we would discuss with you what changes may be in order. If considerable effort will be required, we would mutually agree on an appropriate fee arrangement at that time.

Please Note: Financial planning and/or consulting services are available for a separate fee and per the terms of a separate written engagement. The scope of any financial planning and/or consulting services to be provided depends upon the needs of the client and the terms of the engagement.